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my art story

Hello, my friend! My name is Elena and I'm an artist behind the scene of faunaclay:). I love nature and animals very much and this topic has always inspired me and seemed very beautiful and kind. I've had a love for creativity since I was a child. But only from 2021 I quit my unloved job and started my journey as an artist, and it was thorny but so wonderful.
At first, my husband and I were engaged in handmade ceramics, but then I began to sculpt animal figures from polymer clay and draw. I really liked it!
I live with my husband and cat Utah in a small town on the Baltic Sea shore, I often walk along the seashore and in the most beautiful forest. It inspires me a lot!
I really appreciate handmade work. Handmade things are very special and have a unique character. I'm always very happy when my pieces find a new home and how they give you joy. I think that my art makes the world a more pleasant and kind place, reminds of important things, of love for nature.
Why did I choose animals as the main characters? Everything is simple. I want to convey to you the admiration of the world, its tiny and beautiful creatures, nature. Each piece I make has its own story behind it, which makes it alive.
It's an honor for me if at least one of my creatures lives in your home! Thank you for your attention and interest in my work!