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Made by hands with love for your soul, favorite outfits and for cozy home!

Little sweet handmade friends who will always keep you company!
Handmade is a very painstaking work. There is also a certain specificity. It's very interesting. Lots of tiny details need to be drawn. But it's definitely worth it. I love what we do. It brings a lot of fun and looks cute!
I also take commissions for pets and animals figurines and paintings. You can write to me on instagram @faunaclay.
All my works are inspired by nature, animals, forest, ocean... Before I start sculpting or painting anything, I carefully choose animals and its habitat for a long time, get inspired and imagine a lot!
Next comes the modeling. I take a small piece of polymer clay, give it the anatomical shape of an animal, make paws, ears and etc!
Now I need to bake the figures. Next, I painstakingly and lovingly color each creature, trying to catch all the details. I just love to draw, this is our favorite stage of work:)
I’m self-taught in art. Everything I do is completely handmade, having its own charm, its own story, its own fairy tale. I find inspiration in animals and in the nature of the world around us!
For any other questions or concerns you can email us at Extravirgin25@icloud.com or Instagram @faunaclay or @faunaclay.pets

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